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This week brings us to Chakra three which is located between your sternum and navel. This is your solar plexus region, the seat of your will and this area deals with combustion and metabolism.

The elemental correspondence here is fire. The equation is matter (chakra 1) + movement (chakra2) + action, energy (chakra 3) = power (a new state.
The color that vibrates here is yellow and the Sanskrit word for this area means ‘lustrous gem’

Chakra three’s job is to develop your ability to stand by your own convictions and your ability to forge unique states of existence. When the qualities of chakra one combine with those of chakra two and are acted upon by the transforming qualities of chakra three your energies are raised into new dimensions which cause change within the thing (your body) itself. Very like wood (matter) is acted on by movement (heat) converts the matter to energy which creates the change into the new state of ash. In the chakra system the ‘ash’ is the raised energy that caries you to those new dimensions that I mentioned before.

Here is where your inner critic will sound off and will lower your self confidence if you have any issues with your self worth or self reliance. This is the seat of your personal power and who or what is holding it; ideally, it should be you. This is also where your focus begins to change so that you are open to others points of view and opinions’. You develop a willingness to reexamine your concepts of power and begin to see the difference in ‘the power to’ and ‘the power over’.

When you are out of balance in this chakra you will be overly sensitive to the perceived reactions of others, you may appear indifferent or cold. You will find that you feel the need for others opinions to support your ideas and you will be over critical of yourself. You may feel inadequate and unworthy of love. You may even suffer from self loathing.

Remember that your inner self is much like a child; it believes all things both negative and positive because it has no filters. With no filters your body will react instantaneously. (Much like when you are frightened by what you think is a bug or snake only to realize that it was only a fuzzy or the garden hose) therefore taking all criticism to heart is not a good idea.

When you are in balance in your third chakra you are able to accept the responsibilities (and only those) that are truly yours. You are confident in your own actions and abilities. You can choose and maintain your course of action without the approval of others. You have the courage and strength to be who you truly are and are able to act without overpowering others or of having them overpower you,
You will know for a fact that you are in balance when you can take responsibility for yourself without feeling the need to blame others or act and think like a victim.
The goals of the third chakra are to create new understanding of the viewpoints and opinions of others; your ability to collect new information that equals dawning enlightenment and shifting paradigms; to learn the importance of balance; becoming aware of larger, Universal patterns; your conscious combining of your mind and actions to drive your choices and create your will so that you recognize where you have undesired actions in your life and you can stop them and make better choices, ones more worthy of you and where you want your life to be.

1) Between your sternum and navel
2) Is your solar power, your uniqueness, your “I AM”
3) Is the seat of your will
Physicality; Your digestive system, Middle spine, Muscles

Issues; Personal power; who is holding yours (should be you), Your sense of place in the world, Your self confidence and self esteem, Your ability to stand by your convictions

Blocked by; shame and disappointment in your self

Unblocked by; accepting your shortcomings and forgiving yourself

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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