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So far in this blog series, I have talked about the body and a lot about the mind as well as a bit about spirit. I have even addressed balance, but what ties them together? What is the core that makes this a functioning, cyclical and renewing system? The answer is our energetic spine.

Just as the spine in our physical body carries the nerves and vessels that nourish and inform our physicality and mind so that we are functioning as well as possible, our energetic spine creates the conduit that connects spirit with biology so that we are linked in a balanced way. For this conversation we will refer to the energetic spine as our chakra (say chock- rah) system.

For the sake of keeping things in an understandable order, I will start at the bottom and work upward. I want to say before I get started that in working with the chakra system you will find that the learning and function will not be linear. While each chakra builds upon the ones under it, as well as depends on the ones above it, the “Ah-ha moments” that will occur during your studies will cause you to revisit chakras that you thought you were finished with. This re-visitation is a normal process and function of living, learning, gaining wisdom, and growing, so don’t let it throw you. As you progress through each level of your chakra system, you will have more and more of these insights that will lead to more growth, learning and sharing.

As I have told you before, Evolution of Self; Journey into Mind, Body, Spirit Balance is an experiential processes that uses many different philosophies and this is only one of them. I feel that you will benefit a great deal from a better understanding of how you work as a whole. Your body and mind need the spiritual connection in order to create the balance that is required for a balanced, whole, happy life style. The following chakra blogs will just brush the surface of each level, the classes go deeper, but there is usable information that will benefit you.
Next week I will address chakra 1. Until then,

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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