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Chakra one is located at the base of your spine and corresponds to your coccyx bone and the lowest nerve bundle in your biology.

Each chakra has an elemental correspondence and the one for this area is Earth. Earth represents your form, stability; your most condensed state of matter. This makes it ideal for the lowest (not the least important) end of the chakra spectrum.
This chakra is visualized in a deep, vibrant red. This is the color the beginnings and life. Red is also the longest wave length and the slowest vibration in the human spectrum of sight. The Sanskrit name for this area means ‘root’ or ‘support’ which is just what it is.

Its’ job is to be the first line of support in your energy support system. Here is where your sciatic nerve is located. It is the largest and longest peripheral nerve in your body and it is this that keeps your connection to the sustaining Earth.
This is where your survival impulses connect; where needs such as food, shelter, clothing and physical health arise. Your survival energies (just like everything else) must be balanced and directed in a healthy way so as not to dominate your every moment.

When this base is under stimulated, you can become consumed by fears of losing food, clothing and/or shelter. This fear will cause loss of health in your physical body. You can become stuck here, creating a self defeating spiral that is detrimental to your growth in any direction and your health on all levels. This will create a loop of unresolved conflicts in your system leading to an ever downward spiral with the feeling that you have no control. You will develop what I call the ‘Eyeor Syndrome’ causing you to lose friends, lose your support. Then lose yourself to ‘victim think’.

When this base chakra is over stimulated you become attached to things in the physical world. This is where pack rat/hoarders, shop-a-holics and the need to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ comes from. If any of this sounds or feels familiar you may want to do a little work here.

You know you’re balanced when all of your needs are comfortably met; if your physicality has no issues with survival and you have no nagging feeling that ‘something is wrong with you’. It is never too late to reassess and to create changes and grow toward betterment.

Your body is the home of your spirit so it must be balanced in all areas. You must be consciously aware of what is going on inside. Remember, the physical world is not your goal it is just a tool to help you learn what lessons you have been put here to learn. Lessons that will lead to you raising your spirituality and rejoining you body mind and spirit to achieve the balance that you are striving for.

1) Root, base
2) Is your connection to spirit
3) Being at home on the Earth
4) Security
5) Survival

Physicality; controls your spine and base, feet immune system and skeleton
Issues; survival, instincts (i.e. Work family, health, trust, nourishment, fitness.)

Blocked by; fear

Unblocked by; surrendering all your fears to the flow of Universal energy.

Bright Blessings Chessie

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