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What, if anything is the difference between the two? I would say that there is a big one. One indicates a direction and the other one, possibility. One is a turning point, the other is an option. One is the reaching of a conclusion, the other is an action.

Let’s look at the word “decision”; making a decision is the first act in creating a direction, the reaching of a conclusion thereby passing judgment upon an issue. This judgment cuts off other options so by definition is a possible turning point for you. Decisions are made from a belief system. This system is usually based on what the committee you operate in thinks you should or expects you to do. These decisions may not turn out to be very empowering because they are usually made from an emotional place deep within you that doesn’t have all the facts, so that they will not be very flexible and may, in fact seem at the time, to be completely unchangeable. A decision is often made but not implemented. They are put off to a later time and so turn out to be undirected energy, therefore wasted. Think about all those proclamations made for New Year resolutions, those life changing decisions that never manifest and are lost and forgotten.

Now let’s look at the word “choice”; this word creates the idea of possibilities, it denotes several options, a variety from which to choose, sort of like picking from a menu. The ability to exercise choice allows that we have options, that we can revisit our choice and choose again if we feel the need. Choosing is usually fact based, rather than emotion based. Because of this, you will find that it is best to be crystal clear about what outcome you truly want. The clearer you are about what you expect to achieve, the better your choice will be. (Yes, this part of goal setting) A choice is actually movement, a path of action; something that can be seen and felt by, not only you but by those around you. Choosing moves energy, creates changes in its field that begin the manifestation of what you want to set into motion.

Because a ‘decision’ is a direction and a ‘choice’ is the action that drives the decision the distance between the two can be enormous and is why some people get things done and some people do not. If you ‘decide’ something but don’t choose an action to drive the decision, you accomplish…nothing. The universe feels no shift in your energy so responds in like with an inaction. “That’s what you are happy with? OK then, you shall have that.” The decision that you make on the level of thought is an attempt to make up your mind to begin to create a plan; but, only if you choose to act on it, will you get what you want or get where you want to be.

So how can you make good decisions? First of all you need to have a plan, a goal, an end product or result you want to create. Then ask yourself if the decision that you are considering is going to move you toward or away from your goal. Then consider whether or not you are committed to investing the energy to choose actions that will make the energy move; shift toward what you feel you want. Will you choose to drive your plan or not? The decision, the choice is yours.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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