Sunday, April 24, 2011



A few months ago a dear friend of mine asked me a question concerning suicide; “What would do if everything you do is wrong? When everything you say is wrong? Why not just end it all, just put an end to everything?”

I told my friend that this is a question that only they could answer. But I ask you to consider; why would you (the collective you) give ANYONE that much power over you, your life, and your mindset? Who are they to hold your personal power in such contempt and why in the name of common sense would you allow it? If you mean so little to yourself how do you expect anyone else to see your worth? Maybe the problem is not in "saying the wrong thing". Maybe the real issue is in your need to love yourself and in doing so, take your power back, stop living your life through what you think others think of you and stand in your own power and reclaim the soul that is the true you. And there is the truth of the entire thing.

You, each and every one of you, all of us are SOULS living a human existence. We are here to learn whatever it is that we came here to learn. We CHOSE to come here in order that we learn, accomplish and teach. We did not come here to live our lives by committee or to throw up our hands and lie down and be a victim. We did not come here to see how sick we can make ourselves and our planet. We came here to enlighten ourselves and to share that with those around us. We were created to be happy, healthy, loving and to be the best that we can be.

This week I challenge you to take your power back. To own your happiness, create it, share it, enjoy it and embrace it. See you as the divine creation that you are and stop being a victim in any way, no matter how small. If you have already started on this path I congratulate you and ask you to see how you can share your information with others. Just as you can’t diminish the flame from a candle by lighting another from it, sharing happiness, love and gratitude does not diminish you, sharing only makes the good feelings grow, Bright Blessings, Chessie

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