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“The conditioned mind is very slick. The mind's job is to protect you and keep you in your comfort zone. That's why many people miss out on opportunity because they have been conditioned to say no. Get out of your conditioned mind and expand your potential!” (Barry Tatum)
My friend, Barry Tatum made this comment the other day and it got me thinking about how deeply we do confine ourselves with this very concept.

We do it in all of our existence; our body, our mind and our spirit, all to our detriment. Just like Barry said, this confinement causes us to miss out on opportunities simply due to subconscious conditioning, most of which happened so long ago that it is outmoded and unworthy of us, but we settle for it because we think we’re supposed to. Anyone who has gone through the Evolution of Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance experience knows that this is a big part of the program, letting go of what no longer serves you. By stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing your ‘new’, your ‘now’, your ‘worthiness’ and investigating your new potential and expanding on it you will discover things you never thought possible.

Comfort is something that all of us strive for but it can be a trap, like the one in the quote above, it keeps us stagnant, not growing. Because we feel that our current circumstance is comfortable because it is what we’re used to, we stay where we are. Now here is the kicker, just because we happen to be in what we feel is a comfort zone, rarely are we truly happy there. The abused spouse, the poor, the hungry, the person who dislikes their job, the person who feels they want to move from where they are. All of these people may feel that they are comfortable (only because they know what expect) but they are most certainly not happy.

The human condition is to reach, to attempt to better ones self and if this forward movement is not happening, there is discontentment, a feeling of failure, loss of control, the feeling of defeat and no way out. The human condition is also sometimes one of blaming others or circumstances to make things too hard to get away from. Being a victim is the easy way, the comfortable way. BUT these actions and thoughts are not the way to grow and embrace your potential.

Learning to stand in ones own power, to own ones actions and choices, to see solutions rather than problems, and to seek knowledge that will drive ones dreams is to “get out of your conditioned mind and expand your potential!” this is where you will find true happiness and accomplishment.

Add to all of the above; learn to like yourself and those around you. Laugh; be so grateful and happy with what you already have that others begin to ask you why you are so happy, what your secret is. By that you will know that you are achieving something that you can be proud of and share, you are growing, expanding and actively reaching for your potential. Setting goals for yourself and achieving them reconditions your mind and gives you unlimited room for expanding your potential. So I challenge you to evaluate your gifts and reevaluate where you are vs where you truly want to be and create positive, loving and attainable goals for yourself. As you reach one, set the next one and so on. One day you will look around you and be amazed at what you have accomplished for yourself and others.

I wish you expansion, opportunity, great potential, gratitude and love. Bright Blessings, Chessie

© Chessie Roberts 2011, all right reserved

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