Sunday, June 5, 2011



I was told by a friend recently that she is having trouble manifesting what she wants. So I asked her how she truly felt about what she was asking for. She confessed that she wasn’t sure she really deserved what she wanted and was worried about how she would afford it.

I told her that because the Universe reflects back to you at the level which you are able to accept, appreciate what you have and project abundance in your emotions, self talk, your thoughts, and visualization. If you don’t feel you deserve whatever it is you want those are the feelings that will vibrate out to the Universe. Those feelings of doubt are what will register and create more of what you say you don’t want. If you worry about lack then that is what you will have. Remember that emotion is energy in motion and that is what drives all manifestation.

Your dreams and desires are there for the asking but you must ask correctly. It is a lot like the whiney child bugging mom. They are more apt to get a timeout for being annoying than receiving the cookie they want. The Universe converses in a vibratory language. What ever vibrational frequency you resonate on is the one the Universe will respond to. If you vibrate on a frequency of need, want or lack, that is what you will receive.

If on the other hand, you raise your vibrational level to the frequency of gratitude, abundance and acceptance, because like attracts like the Universe responds with gratitude, acceptance and abundance.

Practice being grateful and loving in all of your thoughts, words (both spoken aloud and those you use to talk to yourself) and emotions and see how things change for you. I caution you that this shift doesn’t happen quickly, it comes from your habitual thoughts and emotions. You can start today to change your habits so that they reflect your vibrational frequencies to a higher, more loving and grateful level so that you can manifest what you truly want.

Bright Blessings and Abundance to you all Chessie

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