Sunday, June 19, 2011



In my last blog I talked about our duality and I would like to continue in that vein this week. Because we see ourselves as unconnected to the Divine, Universal Consciousness, Creative Energy, whatever you wish to call it; we feel we have to look outside ourselves for assistance in this area. We look to literature and teachers, guides and gurus for help and we forget that we are the experts of us. Just because we are learning, growing and changing constantly does not mean that anyone knows us better than we do.

We are our greatest source of wisdom and source of guidance. We are; you are the expert of you. You created the ‘you’ that you are now and the ‘you’ that you are creating, the ‘you’ that you will become in the future. You know what needs to be let go, what needs to be strengthened, what needs to be relearned, turned around and changed. You know what you need to manifest, how big/small, how far reaching, whether it will honor your deepest and greatest truths, your core values. No one outside your self can know these things or guide you to them; you are the only one who can do that. You are your designer and creator, director and guide.

You can read and listen to those around you for inspiration but all the while you must pay attention to what resonates within you. Should you follow another person’s path? You may try if you like but do it with awareness. Be aware that as they pass along their path, the person you are following changes it so that you are not following the exact path they followed. And, as you pass along it, you will change it in your way.

You will manifest what you create inside your innermost being. If/when you reconnect to your inner most self, your inner most truth and love, you become free of the doctrines, designs and dogmas of others. You are free at your highest level to honor your truest being to embrace your inner light and let it shine out in a way that only you can. Then, you will manifest, from within the wonderful being that is you, just exactly what you truly desire.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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  1. Great words of wisdom, our creator did a good work in us. We were created in his image, he has given us a portion of his divine power and we have to unleash it. I appreciate your words of empowering encouragement, yes many of us don't seem to know the power within. Keep up the good work and share.

    Thanks, Marie

  2. Marie, Thank you for your words of support. I am glad that I am helping. You can recomend the various posts by clicking on the +1 button. Thank you again for your input I love hearing from my readers. Bright Blessings, Chessie