Sunday, June 12, 2011



“Truly speaking, a human being is divine. It is only our wrong understanding which keeps us small.” (Swami Muktananda)

During my daily meditation a few days ago I was struck by the notion that we are a duality. Most of you know that we are a spiritual entity, leading a human existence rather than the other way around but this insight was just beyond that.

One part of us is our biology. That is made up of the stuff of the earth. The neutrons and protons; the carbon base that sustains life on our blue marble makes up what we see when we look in the mirror; the way our bodies work to first create new life and then keep it going; the genetic information that is held in sperm and ovum that joins to make you what you are and carry the information of your lineage is nothing short of miraculous. But…

If this biology is to actually live we need spirit. Most of us realize on some level that we are spirit but what does this really mean? The short answer is that we are one with Universal Consciousness, Creative Energy, Soul or some call it God. Call it what you will the force that animates our biology is something that we go through most of our life seeing as something separate from us as people. Think about this for a minute, what animates us? Is it not our mind? The part that thinks, reasons, creates? I’m not talking about the organ of the brain that is our controller; I mean the part that you will not exist without, your mind. Some have told me that they think the soul is in our heart but my meditative awakening tells me it in our mind. That is where we truly are. Yes, yes, it is all a package that needs to work together I agree but without your mind, what are you?

You can lose almost any body part and stay alive but without your mind, you have no quality of life. If you can see that you are truly part of Universal Consciousness and renew that connection to your true source you will see truth, you will know peace, you will be one with God, whatever you perceive that to be and you will be happy, blissful, joyful and you will truly know love.

If you were a rain drop how would you see yourself? Would you see yourself as alone or part of the storm? How do feel you would identify yourself? Now see this little drop that is you falling into a stream. How would you see yourself then? How would you be different than the stream? You wouldn’t, you would be part of the water in the stream. Then part of a river as your stream emptied into a larger body of water, soon you would become something even greater, you would be one with the ocean! Well I’m telling you that you already are something greater than the sum of your parts… you are the I AM. You are part of the Universal Consciousness that animates and joins us all on the most intimate level of all. We are the Energy of Creation, we are its’ conduit, we are vessel. We are exponential so honor yourself, honor your family and friends, honor those you do not know or feel you don’t like, yes, even honor your enemies and learn true love and peace and then spread it around, Namaste and Bright Blessings, Chessie

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  1. Bruce Richardson posted this on Face Book, Thanks Bruce! "Great blog! I was just thinking about this yesterday- discussing someone's illness (brain cancer) and thinking about the separation of our spirit from our physical- it is a tough concept to 'get'... but so important. I remember finally 'getting' what the Christian 'Holy Spirit' was about (to me anyway)."

  2. Evolution of Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance Sais thanks to you Bruce. It was so uplifting, eye (inner) opening for me too. I don't believe that I have ever felt so free and so connected at the same time! Bright Blessings! I appreciate hearing from you.