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What you should say to yourself depends entirely upon what you wish to achieve. It is said in many places that “where your attention goes, energy flows” and that “like attracts like.” That should give you strong guidelines for your self talk

First, what do you desire? You must first truly and intensely wish to achieve something definite. It does not matter what it is, money, a new home, a job either new or a different one, a vacation, a mate…anything. As you desire (notice I did not say want) whatever it is you put your energy in that direction; and  your mind becomes saturated with whatever it is so that you can feel you already have it, Nature begins to assist you. How? We don’t really know, She just does and it works. I caution you here that this also works for things you feel you don’t desire as well.

If you put your energy into thinking about everything you do not wish to have you just bring more of it in to your life. Confused yet? Ok think about this for a minute. Someone said to me the other day, “I am so worried about my daughter! She is having a baby and I am afraid for her!” I asked why, what was wrong with the daughter and her unborn child. “Oh nothing,” the woman said, “it’s just that I had trouble giving birth and I just know she will too so I am worried sick.” Do you see what this person is doing? With her worry, she is creating an unpleasant and possibly dangerous and life threatening situation for everyone involved.

How could she turn that around? By putting her fears aside and being genuinely grateful for her daughter and new grandchild. Being confident and appreciative for the Drs and their skill and surrounding her daughter with positive loving and supportive energy. This thought process will not only help the daughter, the baby, everyone on the hospital team but it will help her too. See how it works?

I know you have heard about creating a self-fulfilling prophecy and that is what you do when you talk/think to your self. It is your choice to create the one you really desire or the other one.

Speaking positively and kindly to your self is a new way to think when you first start out and it does take some practice but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so hard. 1) Look for the good in things rather than what annoys you. 2) Find beauty in your surroundings and enjoy it. 3) Be grateful for every thing you already have and 4) get rid of what you have that you don’t use. Make room for what you really desire. 5) Choose your words/thoughts carefully and with conscious awareness so that they are worthy of you and see how much better your outcomes are.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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