Sunday, June 10, 2012



Kevin and Liam met one day several years ago after a particularly brutal bullying session by some of the older boys. The two little boys had created a fast friendship because they were always being told, “Go away you're too little! You are weak, we don't need you. You are poor and dress in rags! Go away!” They felt bad because of this and the fact that the taunts were true. They felt safer together and found that avoiding their tormentors was easier with two sets of eyes.

The little friends had created a game of 'sling stones' and had gotten exceptionally good at it. They would use their cloth belts as a sling to launch the stones at a target. Kevin could actually sling one stone on his up swing, reload and throw another one on the back swing, hitting his target with both stones. He was teaching Liam how to do it. One day while they were practicing in the open meadow outside town, they saw the big boys approaching. Quickly Kevin and Liam hid behind some big rocks that were jutting up on the edge of the meadow. Their escape was just in time and the bigger boys did not see the smaller twosome. There were six fellows in the group of bully boys and they began playing a game with a ball and stick. The older boys jealously kept the rules of their game from the younger children. It seemed to be something the older ones thought was somehow special only to them. What they didn't know was that Kevin and Liam could not have cared a whit about it!

As the duo watched the game unfold from behind their rock cover but soon became bored and began talking quietly to each other about the nuances of the double shot with the sling. Their conversation was suddenly interrupted by shouts of alarm and dismay from the bigger boys. Without thinking about being seen, Liam and Kevin jumped up to see what was happening. The bully boys were grouped together staring at a pack of three wolves that had come quietly upon the group while they were focused on their game. The wolves had the group neatly circled with no avenue of escape.

Without a word between them, Liam and Kevin loosed their cloth belts, loaded them with rocks they had collected earlier and began their advance upon the wolves. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Three stones fired, three targets hit. One down the other two running and yelping! Thwack! Thwack! Two more stones met their targets. Our little heroes were met with shouts of gratitude and amazement by the used-to-be tormenters. The truth was out that little things are important whether it is a small person, a quiet know how or just a cloth belt.

Bright Blessings and Much Gratitude for all things Great and Small! Chessie

© Chessie Roberts 2012, all rights reserved

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