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All things breath in one way or another. The foliage, the animals, the water, the planet, the people. We have been breathing and sharing the same breath as long as the Earth has been home to anything. As we have evolved, we have sullied the air but we still breath it and share it with all things. If we can become consciously aware of this sharing of breath we may become aware of it's importance to the health and welfare of our home planet.

This meditation is posted here to that end.

Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position (outside is best)  and bring your self into alignment with an alpha or meditative state (as in your tradition.)

Bring your awareness to your breath (breath through the nose only at this point) feel the air entering your body and feel it circulate throughout your biology. Become aware of it filling your lungs and how it moves into your blood stream to oxygenate your body...give gratitude for this as you study the breath and its life giving oxygen.

Now, become aware of the life around you; all of it, great and small, seen and unseen, even the rocks and dirt. Feel for water under the ground or at a distance from you. Open your senses to all of it.

For this next part you may focus on on particular item or on a body of the item (IE. One tree or all the trees around you)
As you inhale deeply, hold the focus target in your mind and allow your heart chakra to fill with love for it and think at it, “We share breath.” and exhale through your mouth in the general direction of the target. Send all your breath and love toward the intended item giving gratitude for its life giving return of breath.

Continue until you are filled with love, gratitude, and peace for your life and surroundings.
Peace and Joy, Love and Light, Namaste, Chessie

© Chessie Roberts 2021, all rights reserved

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