Sunday, June 3, 2012


There is an old joke about how we see the glass half full or..: An optimist says the glass is half full... a pessimist says the glass is half empty...manager asks whether you are pouring or engineer says the container is twice the size it needs to be...A realist says it doesn’t matter. It's just gonna have to be washed later anyways...The FDA says the glass has a design flaw and needs to be sent back to China to be re-engineered...a Republican says "Who's been drinking out of my glass?"...a Zen Master quietly picks up the glass and opportunist drinks the contents while the other two Accountant wants to know why you're wasting money on a glass that's obviously too large...A physicist says the glass is neither. It is completely full, half with water, the other half with air...An analyst says it is neither, it simply contains 50% of its potential capacity....An alcoholic says “Make it a double” optometrist says you need new glasses...we hear "It doesn't matter." from The Nihilist..."Forget about it, just smash it." from The Anarchist..."There's no need to argue." from The Pacifist..."It is what it is" from The Fatalist.

Get it? Everyone has their own perspective, on everything! Another way to look at it is to take a glass and look thorough it at your vehicle, you have now filled the glass with something a whole lot bigger than you think it would hold. In reality (if I may use that concept here) all you have done is change your perspective.

You can do this perspective changing thing with your thoughts too. Dr Dyer says “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” There is so much truth in that statement for when you begin to look with new eyes and with love you start to see things that way. Wonder of wonders, as you continue to look for peace and joy and allow them to permeate your mind, they permeate your heart.

Now here is the cool part; from your heart, your new mind-stream will flow out to all around you, capture them and spread into their sphere of influence and flow out and continue on and on. How do you think the world would be if everyone did this? I can see lots of lovely things happening in lots of unexpected places. People really helping others with no ulterior motives, only love. Hunger, war, hate, famine, intolerance, neglect, abuse, and other things will fade away. A bit optimistic you say? Well, yes, thank you for making my point.

 Bright Blessings Chessie
© Chessie Roberts 2012, all rights reserved

“May the entire Universe be filled with Peace and Joy, Love and Light. May the light of Truth overcome all darkness! Victory to that Light! Jai!”

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